Agricultural Loans

Jackson County Bank is honored to be a FSA Preferred Lender. The Preferred Lender Program was developed to reward experienced lenders by streamlining and adding flexibility to the loan application and servicing requirements, expediting loan approval, and allowing lenders to originate and service guaranteed loans the way they do other loans in their portfolio. Jackson County Bank is committed to the agriculture community, and continues to provide services to a variety of enterprises–from small family farms to large farming operations.

Our knowledgeable loan officers can assist in many types of agricultural lending including, but not limited to, livestock enterprises, dairy, traditional field crops, cranberries and organic farming. They can provide you assistance with financial analysis and offer loan options tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Will Peasley
Ag Loan Officer
715-284-5341 Ext. 1355
NMLS #1385094
Duane Johnson
Ag Lender
715-284-5341 Ext. 1374
NMLS #772714
Rich Lerew
Senior Lender
715-284-5341 Ext. 1375
NMLS #914412


  • Used to purchase or refinance land or for building construction and renovation projects.
  • Competitive rates with minimal fees.
  • Personalized and experienced loan processing. We know how to maximize your borrowing potential.
  • Secured by real estate.
  • Easy-to-budget fixed payments.


  • Used to purchase or refinance livestock and equipment.
  • Easy-to-budget fixed payments.
  • Secured by livestock and machinery.


Jackson County Bank offers a Revolving Line of Credit. This is ideal for the established farm operation with strong equity and good income history. The line of credit eliminates meetings with your lender whenever you need operating money and allows you to borrow, repay, and re-borrow funds throughout the term of the loan. Typically used to purchase crop inputs, feeder livestock, or feed.

  • Loan may be secured by real estate. No inventory reporting or permission required to draw on the credit line
  • Easily transferred to your checking account with no loan committee or loan review.
  • Works like a credit card. Pay the credit line down when crops are sold and draw against when needed.
  • Credit Line is available for any agricultural or business use.


The FSA guarantee permits Jackson County Bank to make agricultural credit available to farmers who do not meet the normal underwriting criteria. FSA guaranteed loans are for both Farm Ownership and Operating purposes.

  • Used by farmers who do not qualify for conventional financing.
  • The money is borrowed from the bank.
  • Our qualified lending personnel complete all loan documentation.
  • FSA guarantees up to 90% of any losses on the loan to the bank.
  • Lines of credit, personal property loans, and real estate loans available.


Farmer Mac is a secondary market for loans. Whether you are planning to purchase or refinance an agricultural property or a business serving a rural constituency, it’s to your advantage to work with a lender who offers you a variety of options including the loans that qualify for Farmer Mac’s long-term fixed rate funding.


  • Crop Insurance is a valuable risk management tool that allows growers to insure against losses due to adverse weather conditions, fire, insects, disease, and wildlife. Crop insurance is among the tools that farmers can use to manage yield and price risk and to protect their in-field investments.
  • Hail Insurance is a policy which provides you with insurance to compensate for the loss of crops due to one of nature’s most damaging weather conditions – hail.               

Insurance is available to all producers regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status.  

Insurance serviced by Rain and Hail, Inc.


  • Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns or Income Statements for last three years
  • Background information on owners and farm operations
  • Business Plan
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Summary of crop insurance coverage.





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