Telephone Banking


Now access the new system by dialing Toll Free


Continue to use your existing PIN
if you have one established.

Telephone Banking
Quick Reference Guide


Telephone Banking Featuring

  • Voice Activation for hands free calls
  • A Spanish option
  • Scheduled and future dated transfers or payments
  • Transfers made before 9:00 p.m. will occur on the same business day

Main Menu Options

  1. Account balance
    Get balance information for checking, money market, savings, loan, CD and IRA accounts.
  2. Account history
    Information is easy to access with options to search by transaction type, check number, amount, or date.
  3. Transfer funds or make a payment
    Make an immediate transfer or payment, schedule a transfer or payment in the future, or set up a recurring payment or transfer.
  4. Future dated transactions
    Get information on ACH transactions or existing scheduled transfers.
  5. Card services
     Activate a debit or ATM card.  You may also deactivate or report it lost or stolen.
  6. Stop Payment activities
    Set up a Stop Payment, or make an inquiry on a Stop Payment.
  7. Change your PIN
  8. Bank information
    Get information regarding bank locations and hours.




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