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JCB Fraud Center Information

JCB Fraud Center requires no enrollment and features text alerts and automated phone calls when fraud is suspected.

Working on behalf of Jackson County Bank, the Fraud Center employs fraud analysts to monitor Debit and ATM card transactions for suspected fraud 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  You may be contacted in one of the following manners to alert you to suspect card transaction(s):

  • by an employee of Jackson County Bank
  • by a representative of the Fraud Center
  • by text message
  • by automated phone call

There is no cost to you from Jackson County Bank and there is no enrollment necessary for this service.  Your mobile carrier may assess standard rates or subject these communications to established plan limits.

Guardian Text Alert Service – Please be aware that this service will be discontinued as of March 31, 2021. Please see the FAQ for more information.

Jackson County Bank also provides SMS (Short Message Service) text alerts to Debit or ATM cardholders who enroll in this optional service.  Cardholders may receive text alerts to their cell phone (or other SMS text messaging device) for their enrolled Debit or ATM Cards.  This text alert service is offered free of charge from Jackson County Bank however you are responsible for text messaging fees from your mobile carrier; message and data rates may apply.  For fraud monitoring purposes, prior to traveling domestically or internationally please notify Jackson County Bank’s Accounting Department at 715-284-5341, 1250.  Click here to read frequently asked questions.


  • Use it nearly anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • The funds come right out of your checking account!
  • Avoid the inconvenience of check verification.
  • Your checking account statement will list your Debit Card transactions including the merchant, location, date and amount.


Your Debit Card may also serve as an ATM card to give you access to cash withdrawals, transfers and inquiries at any ATM machine that accepts Pulse or Cirrus.

Make deposits at ATM’s that have deposit access statewide, or Pulse terminals with deposit access nationwide.

ATM only cards are also available. 


To report your card lost or stolen, use one of the options listed below. Remember, once you have reported a card lost or stolen, it will be permanently disabled. You will need to contact the Bank to order a replacement card. Once disabled, you should also make changes to any automatic debits associated with the card.

  • Call Jackson County Bank during regular business hours at 715-284-5341
  • Call the 24/7 Lost or Stolen Card Center at 888-297-3416 (Domestic) and 206-389-5200 (Canada, Mexico and all International)
  • Log in to Internet Banking, Options – ATM/Debit Card
  • Call the automated Telephone Banking service toll free at 844-202-0846 and choose option 5
  • Log into our Mobile App and choose Manage Cards


When you receive your New Card Order or Reordered Card in the mail, be sure to sign the back immediately.  Choose one of these options to activate the Card:

  • Log into Internet Banking and click on Options > ATM/Debit Card.  Click in the Activate box next to card requiring activation and click Submit.
  • Complete an account inquiry or ATM withdrawal at any ATM machine
  • Call the automated Telephone Banking service at 1-844-202-0846, and choose option 5 from the main menu and follow the prompts for ATM/Debit Card activation.
  • Complete a pinned transaction at any merchant location.
  • Log into our Mobile App and choose Manage Cards


Many retailers have changed their policies on debit cards and may request you to enter the PIN number that is associated with your debit card rather than requesting a signature to complete a purchase. If you don’t remember your PIN number, contact us!


Debit Card fraud is on the rise as cyber thieves have developed new methods of capturing Debit Card information. Major sources of Debit Card fraud include phishing, merchant data breaches, lost or stolen cards, use of “fake” phone services or internet sites that appear legitimate, and ATM skimming (attaching a device to an unattended Point-of Sale or ATM terminal to steal card data information).  It is important that you do NOT provide debit or credit card numbers, PINs or any other non-public personal information in response to an unsolicited e-mail, text or phone request.

To further protect you from Debit Card fraud, Jackson County Bank has limited the amount of funds that you may access in one business day for purchase with your Debit Card or at an ATM.  Limitations have also been placed on any purchase initiated or processed outside of the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.  Please contact us if you are traveling domestically or internationally, serving abroad or purchasing internationally, or require access to large amounts in any one business day, so that Jackson County Bank can accommodate your Debit Card needs.

Visit Debit Savy or the Identity Theft page for more tips on banking security.

ABOUT Pulse®

Pulse® is one of the leading ATM/debit networks in the U.S., serving more than 4,400 banks, credit unions and savings institutions across the country. Debit cardholders use the PULSE® network to access their money at more than 260,000 ATMs, as well as point-of-sale terminals from coast to coast.

For more information regarding ATM or Debit Cards, contact a Personal Banker at 715-284-5341 ext. 1303,1304,1301, or 1340, or click Contact Us. ATM or Debit Cards available upon request and bank approval.


Mastercard® Identity Check™ is a new way to help secure your account when shopping online. Mastercard® Identity Check™ protects your Jackson County Bank Debit Card against unauthorized use while shopping online at participating merchants. There is no software to download, no registration necessary, no password to remember – just an additional layer of security at no additional cost to you.

Purchases made online at participating merchants will be scored by Mastercard® Identity Check™ based on several risk criteria including dollar amount, type of transaction and country of origin. Based on the transaction analysis a pass or fail authentication message will be sent to the merchant. If the transaction is approved your purchase will be completed. If the transaction fails the authentication process you will receive the following message on the merchant website, “Authentication Failed: To ensure the highest level of security this card cannot be used to complete this transaction.” If you receive this message, please contact the Accounting Department at Jackson County Bank, 715-284-5341, ext. 1240.

For more information visit Mastercard© Identity Check™ .

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