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Download our free app for your iPhone®, iPad®, or other Apple® devices from the App Store.  Download from Google Play for your Android™ devices.  Kindle devices and Android tables are not supported.
For best performance and security, upgrade to the most recent version available.  As of June 7, 2021, the current version is 4.54.114 for Apple and 4.54.114 for Google Play.


Get the convenience and self-sufficiency of Internet Banking on your mobile device with our *free Mobile Banking App.  You can securely access your deposit and loan accounts, view your balances and history, transfer funds, and more–anytime, anywhere.

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Mobile App


Jackson County Bank’s Mobile App will keep you quickly and securely in touch with your accounts, and navigation is a breeze.   The app is fully integrated with Internet Banking, so you must  already be enrolled in Internet Banking prior to using the Mobile App.  

With Mobile Banking you can access your checking, money market, savings, Certificate of Deposit and loan accounts.

  • View Account Balances
  • Transfer Funds Between Your Accounts
  • View Transaction History
  • View Statement Information
  • Report your Debit Card lost or stolen or suspend your card
  • Pay Bills (if you are a Bill Payment customer)
  • Remotely deposit (if you are a Remote Deposit customer)

Text Mobile

Text Mobile is another option available to provide you with a “quick check” of your account balances or recent activity as simply as sending a text.  Once you’ve enrolled in Text Mobile, just text a command listed below to 89549 and you’ll receive a prompt reply with the information requested.  Text mobile can be used on any device capable of SMS texting.  To enroll in Text Mobile, login to Internet Banking and select Options – Text Mobile Settings.  

Text Mobile Commands

Bal = All Account Balances
Bal Mobile Short Name = Single Account Balance
Hist = All Accounts Recent Activity
Hist Mobile Short Name = Single Account Recent Activity
Help = Commands
Stop = Cancel Text Mobile Service


*If you are enrolled in Bill Payment, disclosed fees apply. Your wireless carrier may assess you fees for data or text messaging services. Please consult your wireless plan or provider for details.

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